Saturday, June 18, 2011

How Great is Our God

Last Tuesday our team was driving out to the children's home village but it was raining and we were driving on dirt roads so we had to take a different route than we normally take. On our way we thought we left an item back at Common Grounds and turned around to go back and get it. As soon as we turned around we realized it was in the car with us, but we spent the next 15 minutes trying to get back on route for the children's home (because of mud and flooded roads). Once we were back on track we decided to take a back road to get there because the main dirt road would be too muddy to get through. We were driving in PCL's 13 passenger van (tank) and we made a wrong turn. As we were turning around one of the girls on our team mistakenly thought we were about to back into a ditch and told the driver to put the van into drive. This successfully launched the front two tires into about 6 inches of very, very soft mud and we were stuck. As we tried to put palm branches underneath the tires and push the van, some bystanders began to help. We didn't have to ask, but in this place of community this was a normal response. Before we knew it a moto (a 125cc motorcycle) had attached the trailer that he was pulling to the front of our van and was trying to help pull us out. Between the five or so Khmer that were helping with palm branches and pushing, the girls sitting in the trunk of the van to weigh it down and the man on the moto we eventually got un-stuck and were able to move on our way. Soon we would realize just how significant all of these little events were.

The next thing we know we see a man dragging a woman through the grass of someone's yard and beating her. Isaac immediately stopped the van and he and Matt quickly asked Julie if it was ok to get out and help. The woman was crying out for help in English. We all poured out of the van as fast as we could and Matt and Isaac tried to calm this man down so that he would move away from this woman. Some people that we know from this village tried to explain to us as best they could what they knew of this couple and we learned that he did not speak much English and that he and this woman were some sort of couple. The woman continued to cry out in English, afraid for her life...just as we were. However the man would not let go her and continued to say to us, "no, its ok" as he motioned for us to leave. Soon the man began to drag this woman down the road and Matt and Isaac walked with them still trying to calm the man down and help this woman. Julie told some of our team to run to the children's home to get some help and someone to translate. A few minutes later several men (there was a visiting team visiting from the states already at the children's home) came running down the road. We waited for a few minutes hoping to see some resolution but we learned that all of the men and this couple had gone into a house, so the rest of us went back to the children's home.

A big event was going on at the children's home involving the visiting team, so the girls from our team went into an office and we prayed and prayed and prayed. About 45 minutes later our men came back with the woman on the back of a police moto. They made sure that this woman could get to Phnom Penn with her child and gave her a way to contact them. We were glad for the immediate, but potentially temporary, solution. This was a difficult situation because so much of what we did is not easily accepted in Khmer culture and there were some very nasty rumors about this man and who he was. Fear erupted in regards to what measures might be taken by this man. Julie, as the director of PCL in Siem Reap, immediately stepped into action. The men had continued talking and discussing this event in relation to their differing cultures and the Bible. At the end of the night Julie sat down with everyone, kids, interns and PCL staff and explained that the actions that were taken were Biblical, and that sometimes we have to do what is right even if it is not easy, puts us at risk, or is not accepted by those around us. Our team went back that night and had a prayer meeting to cover this couple, their future, their salvation, the children's home and everyone involved in this in prayer.

The director of the children's home, they call him Papa Matt, decided that he needed to go to this man with a peace offering so as to restore dignity to this man that we had so publicly shamed. Even though his actions were entirely wrong, it was important to try to build a relationship with him and Papa Matt thought this would be the first step. Papa Matt sought this man out the next day unsuccessfully. However, a day or two later this man came to the children's home to talk. He and Papa Matt spent several hours together. Papa Matt let this man fix his moto and was able to share the Gospel with this man. He came to church at the children's home on Sunday.

Had all of those mishaps not occurred, we would not have passed this couple at exactly the right time...exactly the right time. Had we been a minute or two earlier or later we would not have seen them. Had the Lord not allowed us to see them, I do not know what would have happened to that woman. Now there is an open door where it was previously shut. The potential here is limitless. Please pray that this man would come to know the Lord, that if there is an issue of substance abuse that he would encounter Jesus and be victorious over these things. Please pray for safety and wisdom in the life of his girlfriend as we are unsure of some of her previous decisions. Pray that the Lord would redeem and restore these people, that this whole village would come to know the saving power of Jesus. Our God can do these things and more because this is who our God is, this is what He does. He is the redeemer, restorer, peacemaker. Pray with us and expect great things with us.

How great is our God.

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