Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ministry Update

(A game/movie night with some of the Common Grounds staff. Common Grounds is a non-profit cafe that is owned by PCL and funds some of their projects and employs local people. This is where we spend much of our time and eat most of our meals.)

Our team has been here a little over 3 full weeks, and it has honestly gone by fairly quickly to me (Matt). I think this may partly be because of the new environment, and a set schedule that we have begun to live by.

I wanted to write you to give you an idea of the ministry that God is doing in Cambodia and that we have been able to join alongside. Catie and I, along with our team, have had many opportunities to do some fantastic forms of relational ministry to Cambodians in Siem Reap.

First, we have been able to disciple, encourage, and pray for the Cambodian Christians in the least evangelized part of Cambodia. Most of our Christian brothers and sisters are around our age or younger and it has been exciting share the Word of God through many devotions, Sunday worship services, and through our daily conversations. God has been faithful to give our team specific illustrations in which we can connect the life of Jesus to their own lives in specific and impactful ways.

Second, each week we have many times where we are sharing the truth of Jesus with Cambodians who have never heard of their heavenly father who is in love with them. In all our conversations, we are sharing the truth in their lives and continually praying that God would stir their hearts for their deep need for forgiveness from their Creator and Heavenly Father. With children, our approach is to share stories that depict the Character of Jesus one at a time, and with our lives live out the truths that we share with them. Piece by piece those who used to know nothing of Jesus will be drawn to their Heavenly Father’s love.

Thank you again for your prayers and supporting God’s heart for His Children.

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  1. Matt, it's great to hear about the work you've been doing. Catie's pictures on Facebook are great, too!
    Praying for you guys!