Sunday, June 12, 2011


We drove 9 hours to take the older kids from the children's home to youth camp to focus on discipleship. Here are some of the highlights:

The sermon the first night explaining the theme of the camp, "Reflect." Based in 1 John 4:19 we used the weekend to discuss how we are meant to be a reflection of Christ because He first loved us.

The Siem Reap worship team - such beautiful hearts!

Clearly the camp was gorgeous, here was our finish line for the "western games." Our team was in charge of the games this day and Matt and Isaac spent most of the day setting this up, we all had a blast.

Testimonies were shared during big group time and then we would discuss them in small groups later. This young man was from Phnom Penn and has an amazing story. He grew up in a violent home, not knowing the Lord. His mother greatly sacrificed to make sure that he could go to school. Because of her sacrifice he made it to Phnom Penn to finish his education and this is where he came to know Christ. Because of the change in his life, his mother has come to know the Lord as well. Please pray for this family and strength in their walk with Him.

Our small groups competed in different things every night. Friday night was the drama competition. This is Matt's group acting out Jesus Calms the Storm. Matt is under the blue sheet as a wave and yes, Jesus is wearing massive sunglasses.

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